Courage International Personal Trainers are in the business of helping you protect your health and improve your lifestyle This is achieved by providing you, our clients, with experienced and qualified personal trainers who will design a fitness program that is suited to your needs and will help you achieve your goals. Courage International Personal Trainers’ philosophy is simple: Train hard, be fast and look sharp, have fun and eat well. Experience has proven that when one gets these things right, then the rest will come over time. So take charge of your health, contact us and we will organise a free consultation with one of our trainers.


Certificate 4 Master Trainer
Diploma of the Arts (Administration)
Registered with Fitness Australia FQ 2007/4689

Mission Statement

Courage International Personal Trainers are committed to setting and maintaining the highest standards in the fitness industry at all levels. Our commitment to supporting our clients provides the framework for the development of the individual’s physical well being. In doing this we are striving to develop a healthy society and improve the quality of life for everyone.