Can we discuss the service and receive a complimentary session before I commit to the training?

Yes. We can travel to meet up with you to discuss our service and plan a complimentary training session for you or your group.

Do you visit people in their own homes?

Yes. We offer a mobile service that includes visiting people in their own home and bringing equipment for a variety of fun and challenging exercise activities.

Do you do group training for people in a work setting?

Yes. We can plan and conduct group training in a work setting, whether this be for a “one-off” team building exercise or for a longer term program aimed at improving health and fitness.

Can you help me lose weight?

Yes. We are trained in providing weight loss advice and exercise programs to complement this information. We recommend you check with your doctor or dietician before you commence a diet and exercise program with our service.

Do I need to pay for services in advance?

It depends. We invoice for individual sessions after the session or for a predetermined number of sessions before the sessions.

How can I contact you?

Please see the contact page on this website.