Too Busy for an Exercise Routine ?

Have you struggled with your weight and exercise routine due to your hectic lifestyle? Then read more…

Ms C is a client of mine who weighed over 120kgs when I first met her. She was struggling with her diet and exercise routine and a friend suggested she see a personal trainer.  She is a health professional, had never had a personal trainer and was struggling to maintain good health due to her hectic work life.

I met with her at the initial consultation to talk through her issues and the program I could offer after work hours. She tentatively tried a free one hour personal training session to see if she would enjoy the session.  Ms C decided to commit to a twice weekly one hour exercise program for six weeks.

The activities that I tried with her included exercises focusing on increasing her muscle strength and flexibility, and increasing her heart rate (bicep curls, triceps extension, squats, lunges, clean and press, step ups etc). Her goal was to get fit and lose weight. She also considered the sessions important to help relieve her work stress.

She was so happy with the program after the first six weeks she committed to training on an ongoing basis. I provided recommendations about her diet to complement the exercise routine. Since that first session Ms C has lost weight, looks terrific and continues to be a client, several years later!