Boxing Training

What is Boxing?

Boxing is a sport of intermittent nature, characterized by short duration, high intensity bursts of activity. It requires significant anaerobic fitness, and operates within a well developed aerobic system.

Boxing’s work/rest ration is approximately 3:1. The nature of boxing requires athletes to sustain power at a high percentage of VO2 max (often above lactate threshold, producing high levels of blood lactate leading to premature fatigue).

The primary aims of conditioning for boxing are to delay the onset of fatigue by increasing tolerance to lactic acid build up, to increase stores of phosph-creatine to product ATP, to delay the pre-mature use of the lactic acid system, to improve efficiency of oxygen use, and between intense bursts of activity.

The Benefits Of Boxing

The benefits of boxing training are endless. Over the years boxing has been used by athletes, sporting teams, and the general public as a form of health and fitness. It is the most used form of exercise among personal trainers and sports coaches.

Correct boxing training not only works all parts of the body but also all aspects of fitness such as: cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, muscular strength, stamina, co-ordination, and power.

The above aspects of fitness can be related to many objectives of people trying to lose weight, a football team wanting to increase their strength and stamina, or a tennis player wanting to gain more power.

Whatever the goal is remember there is always advantages to any type exercise training.

Strength/Power/ Speed/ Endurance in Sports

As athletes strive to gain ultimate speed, power and endurance in their sport it’s not hard to see how the training methods of a boxer can be transferred and utilized in various sports regardless of how different they may be. Of course these methods are not only limited to athletes but can also be performed by the general population with the correct supervision and instruction.

While boxing training does require a high level of physical discipline, it also demands an extreme level of mental focus which is vitally important in competitive sports.

Athletes are able to increase power, strength and speed without increasing muscle mass which is a huge advantage to them as weight bearing exercises usually cause muscular discomfort, tightness and stiffness.